Privacy Policy


a) All your personal data you provided us with will be handled in accordance with both the aforementioned law and the privacy obligations which our Hotels have to fulfil;

b) The data will be handled for the following purposes:

  1. To comply with your booking request,
  2. To carry out activities within the marketing sector as well as sending you informative material on our services and products.

c) For the handling of data we mentioned at point 1, it is not necessary to have any consent, the passing on of data is not compulsory but it is necessary for us so that we can comply with your booking request. On the other hand, with regard to the information at point 2, Our Hotels must receive an explicit consent, which you will have to provide. By proceeding with your booking you agree to these terms.

d) In accordance with the procedure laid down by the law, we will file your information on both paper and our IT system.

e) Access and handling of data are exclusively carried out by Hotel operators, who have been specifically appointed for the task, or by members of affiliated companies, which have been appointed for the handling of customers’ personal data, in compliance with the current local law on the tutelage of personal data by also adopting all the necessary safety measures. Your data will not be disclosed to external parties.