Xemxija Heritage Trail

On the eastern edge of Bajda Ridge, overlooking Xemxija, are concentrated a wide variety of archaeological sites, within an area barely measuring half a sq.km., ranging from the neolithic age more than 5500 years ago, through Punic and Roman times. The area is well cared for and organised into an interesting heritage trail starting uphill along a road dating back to the Roman era that cuts across the ridge past ancient cave dwellings, tombs and apiaries, heading towards Mellieħa.

The trail consists of 20 sites of archaeological importance all within walking distance from one another, taking about 90 minutes to complete.

The trail includes a Roman road, dry stone walls, a menhir, the Cave of the Galley, apiaries, an old carob tree, a burial cave, a Neolithic temple, a corbelled hut (girna), a grove, a Punic tomb, a farmer’s hut, a troglodyte cave, a granary/well, unique prehistoric tombs, a pill-box defence post, recently discovered Roman baths, a farmhouse, Mistra Gate and the enigmatic cart ruts.

The San Pawl il-Bahar Heritage Group works hard on a voluntary basis and collaborates with the local council for the preservation of these sites.

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Xemxija Roman road to Manikata and Golden Bay

Xemxija Roman road to Manikata and Golden Bay


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