Mother’s Day celebration this year will be a bit different. The global pandemic is keeping millions indoors and socially distant from loved ones. Thus, taking mom out for a special meal for Mother’s Day may not be doable during the coronavirus crisis.

So how does one do so during a pandemic, while staying at home?

You can still celebrate your mother while practicing social distancing. It’s just going to take a little more planning.

Now, every mom is different, and what your mom wishes for might be the exact opposite of what your friends’ mom wants. Here is a list of creative gift ideas of what we think might help you in the process of planning a special gift for your mom

1. Mother’s Day SPA
Turn mom’s bathroom into a spa. Or, let mom set up her spa with a candle and bath bomb that you select, crystals …, to relax.

2. Give mom the day off
Do laundry, clean the house, do everything for her, so she does not have to lift a finger.

3. Get her favorite food delivered
Many restaurants offer curbside delivery. Order food delivery from her favorite restaurant.

4. Send a Mother’s Day basket or order flowers
If your mom is not allergic to flowers and plants, order a stunning bouquet to brighten up mom’s special day.

4. Social distancing back yard picnic
Are you social distancing with mom? Prepare a charcuterie (a cutting board with all her favorite deli cheeses, fruits, and nuts). Add some refreshments and set it up in your back yard.

5. Breakfast in bed, cooking a family dinner, or virtual dinner date
If you can prepare your mom’s favorite meal, surprise her. Set the dining table as festive as you can (and keep the kitchen clean). If you are not able to see her because of social distancing, reach out to her via Skype or Zoom meeting. Set up a video chat date with your mom on Mother’s Day for you both to enjoy making dinner together.

6. Support her hobbies with online subscriptions

– Fitness. Give mum the gift of wellness, such as a subscription to virtual fitness classes.
– Cooking. She has a special love for cooking? No worries. You can give her the gift of online cooking courses.
– Zen. And if your would love to keep your mom zen, then online Yoga or meditation classes might be just perfect choice.

7. Dance together.
Take a virtual dance together (or the entire family).

8. Write an actual letter
An actual letter will be much more meaningful than an email or a text (‘This kind of gift is worth its weight in gold’ Thomas F).

9. 100 reasons to say I love you, mom
Create a special Mother’s Day card. List at least 100 things she does that makes you happy.

10. eGift cards.
Expand her reading list. Help her restock her bookshelf. Buy her an Amazon gift card so she can purchase her favorite books.

11. A weekend getaway
Treat mom to a future getaway with Porto Azzurro Aparthotel Gift Voucher. For more information, give us a call on +356) 21 58 5171 or email us at [email protected].

12. Movie night
Prepare her favorite TV series or a movie, create a theater atmosphere, and enjoy watching movies together. You can also host a Netflix party if you are not able to visit your mom. If your mom has a Netflix account, you can stream and binge the platform’s content simultaneously with a group.

Mother’s Day this year won’t look like it usually does, but the feelings can be just as strong.